sidhant bhavnani   

Photographer / Web Designer / Physics Enthusiast / Programmer

Hello, World!

My name is Sidhant Bhavnani. My life is governed by simplicity, I believe that the simple things in life are the most beautiful, let it be a photon being captured by the camera or a simple div tag in HTML or printing "Hello, World!" for the first time. My life goal is to push the boundaries of what we know and make lives of people simpler.

My Education

Over the past few months i have lost hope in the Indian education system. i feel it not only stops the personal growth of the child but also puts a end to creativity.
Hence, over the past few months i have found a new way of learning, Edx ! i not only get to learn what i like to learn but also from the best from around the world.
i have taken 6.00.1x from MITx, 6.00.2x from MITx, COMP102x from HKUSTx,ASTRO3x from ANUx and 11.132x from MITx

About Me

i am a 14 year old middle schooler from The Mother's International School. i am a member of my schools' physics club Impulse and computers club MINET. i am an aspiring Cosmologist and Programmer situated in New Delhi, India. My areas of expertise are web development(proficient in web libraries like Bootstrap and Polymer) and programming with Python.
i am currently the founder and a UX developer of a social network called class talkies. i believe the best code is produced when it's just you and the code so i prefer to code at night. i have a vast interest in photography and i love to study about the very big (Astrophysics), and the very small (Quantum Mechanics)

Contact Me

You can find me at Facebook, Google+, linkedin or Ello. You could also take a look at my facebook photography page. Email me at,I would love to hear from you :)